“It is with great pride and accomplishment that we announce the commencement of the collaboration between The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (BAHRI) formerly known as (NSCSA) and Transmarine Group. We are proud to announce that Transmarine Group will hence forth be the sole agency for Bahri in all South Indian ports/ destinations.

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) was formed in 1978 and has grown to become one of the biggest shipping conglomerates in the world and occupies a pre-eminent position among its industry peers at national, regional and international levels in all sectors of its business operations.

Bahri proves a regular Container/ RoRo Liner; Service to and from the United States East Coast, Mexican Gulf, East Coast Canada, Mediterranean, Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent and Europe ports with owned vessels.

“Bahri presently owns 83 wide range of specialist vessels to transport crude oil, chemical products, general cargo and dry-bulk products, additionally there are 10 VLCCs under construction. Bahri provides expert handling services of many challenging products, including Crude Oil, Chemicals, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, General Cargo, Dry-bulk and other specialized and volatile shipments.


Bahri General Cargo – Europe – MEA RORO Service


Bahri General Cargo – North America RORO Service

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